Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sick ferret?

Hi, I don't really want to look around on the internet right now but my ferret just threw up a little and I wanted to know if this was serious. I've come home in the past to a cage of tiny throwups, about 5. This has happened twice in the last year that I've had him. Is this just maybe hairball blockage? I don't have a vet as I just moved so I'm turning to you for help. Thanks!
Ferrets don't throw up like, say, cats or dogs.

Typically, when a fert vomits, something is rotten in Denmark. The first thing on your to-do list for tomorrow should be to find a ferret-friendly/knowledgeable vet and make an appointment. It should've been one of the first things you looked into. You wouldn't move somewhere with no people doctors would you?

Is your ferret experiencing any other symptoms? String-like defecation? NO defecation? Lethargy? Diarrhea? If you're worried about a blockage, dose your ferret up with Laxatone (or some other ferret/cat laxative or even petroleum jelly - I hear they like the taste). If he has diarrhea, keep him hydrated. But you really should go to your vet - you can't put a price on peace of mind.
If it's happened before it could be a serious medical condition.
You need to find a new vet and get your ferret seen, it's no good to hold off or ask people on here because only a REAL vet who can actually see your ferret can tell you what it is.

I can say, however, that none of my four ferrets have ever thrown up.. And if they did, I'd be very concerned.

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