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Should rabbits be kept inside or outside?

I was thinking about getting a rabbit but was wondering if it's best to keep it inside and let it our during the day or outside all the time?
First of all, rabbits are quite difficult to keep as a pet than a lot of people believe. They need more love and care than any other pets.

With that said, has the rabbit been raised outdoor or indoor before you got it? You want to maintain its environment as close to the way it was before as possible. Rabbits can't take much change. They are so vulnerable and has a weak heart and could actually die from just being frightened. They are also anti-social with every other animals but themselves. Don't expect them to show affections like other pets do.
Don't try to get them acquainted with your dogs or cats as dogs and cats might like the idea of having extra furry friends but rabbits will get scared.

I highly recommend keeping it indoor at all times if you can and make it a little play area indoor instead. And if you want them to play otherside, you have watch over them as if they are a baby.

Rabbits are so cute but are high maintenance: Play area has to be cleaned more frequently, diets should be well looked after, (Contrary to what a lot of us saw from "Bugs Bunny", they don't just eat carrots. In fact carrots should only given as a treat once in awhile because it contains too much sugar for rabbit. Stable diet should be hay), some of them like getting a bath but most of them don't. So that's another challenge.

Oh I am so jealous that you get to keep a rabbit. Again, they are high maintenance but so very cute. Get a good book about taking care of the rabbit and Good luck!! Post some pics of your rabbit if you like.
from experience you can keep them out side as long as the weather isnt really harsh..
You could say inside or outside the best place for it is outside but if you specific you could have it inside too.
well i have two and there kept in the basement.and whn my mom was young hers died from the heat when it was outside
well it depends...if you can get the bunnies a nice outdoor house thing and it doesnt get 2 cold where u live then that would be good but if you dont have the time or muney for that then inside is better..
Outside in a cage. They need their fresh air, but still to be taken care of well. But it IS okay to take it inside and play with it for a little while. :)
Really depends on the temperature where you live. I lived in Texas when I owned a rabbit, and he was kept indoors, due to the excessive heat that can occur. Of course, he got daily freedom outdoors. I also wouldn't keep a rabbit outdoors unless it's real secure (wildlife, stray animals, etc.)
Well heres a site that shows whats good about em inside and bad about both
if ur gonna keep it outside keep an eye on but keep it insiide it could run away
It really is up to you. If you want to see your rabbit more i would keep it inside. If you don't want your house to smell put it outside.
if you live in a hot enviroment,inside.if it's warm,outside.
Outside or inside. Whatever you prefer. If you're really clean, then outside
keep it inside and once in a whiile like evey hour take it our and let it play. i shoild know my cuz has bunnies !.
I had a rabbit and it stayed inside for a while...
It chewed all of the wiring in our home and our curtains...
I would that they stay outside,but you can let them in if you are going to keep an eye on them.
Also check the garden every so often, because they do dig walls underneath the walls! But they really are so cute!
Hope you have fun with it.
On average they can live up to 4 years, but some do live longer!
i would definitely keep it inside. we keep ours inside and they love it. its nice to take them out every once and a while so they can eat grass and run around and stuff.rabbits smell so be sure you get them potty trained or keep them in a cage when u r gone. while some people put theirs on a leash to go outside we can just let ours go out...even though they dont rly like to sometimes but just b sure to watch them carefully so a dog or cat wont come and try to play with them. its better to have two if your not going to b able to give it a lot of attention and so it can have a play buddy and someone to snuggle with. keeping them outside is a bad idea especially in bad weather or in the city. if you keeep them outside be sure they have enough shelter and stay cool enough. rabbits are rly prone to heat stroke. hope this helps sry if it was sorta long lol.
depends on the weather. you should have it inside when it's too hot / cold outside
Inside! You can litter box train them just like a cat. Outside, they become prey for large birds and dogs (and anything else bigger or stronger than they are). They make great indoor pets. Only let them outdoors when you are there to keep an eye on them. We had 2 rabbits when I was a kid. Be careful about the 2 of them idea. We found out we had one of each and got up one morning to discover that the rabbits did what rabbits do! Little hairless rat looking babies all over their cage. And guess what? The buck will kill the babies! Totally gross, very bloody. And I think 2 bucks will fight but don't quote me on that. Maybe you can get them fixed?
I'd recommend keeping a rabbit inside. You'll need a
xtra large dog cage, hay, and a litter box. And rabbit food.
try alt.pets.rabbits. for more info.
Depending on where you keep it. If you're going to keep it outside, make sure that it is free of drafts, and sheltered from the sun and other weather areas. A garage, without fumes or anything, is a great place. Just check on them a few times a day. I breed rabbits for show and they live in our garage. I find it best to keep the windows and garage door open in the heat of the summer to keep air moving through. Rabbit's can't stand stale air. In the summer, use frozen water bottles to put in their cages. This keeps them cool and occupies them with things to play with. Rabbits can stand cold weather more than heat. Remember to keep the cages clean so that amonia doesn't build up in summer. This is also a reason of deaths. It's not the heat sometimes, but, sometimes it is. It's the proper knowledge of how to take care of rabbits.Just put some nice, cold, fresh water with them, and a frozen water bottle and they'll be just fine!
I would keep the rabbit inside it's cage when you can't watch it, otherwise keep it outside to let it roam around for a while. If you live in cold climates during the winter, make sure that you have a warm covering over the pets cage. If you don't, get one. Pets have fur for a reason, to keep them warm, but their ears don't have much to protect them from the cold. The cover keeps wind and most of the cold out of the cage. Some straw could help keep things warm and dry as well too. I had a pet rabbit, Charlie and she was a sweet animal whom I really loved a lot. Other animals can get to your pet, such as dogs or other wildlife so make sure it's not unattended! Consult w/ you vet on shots etc that the pet needs to stay healty too. Get some rabbit food especially for rabbits and build a hutch or cage off the ground and dig a hole for the dung too. Warning it will make your backyard smell like dung and the neighbors might complain. Good luck!
i have a whole rabbitry, and they are all outside, they can withstand very cold temps, ( below zero), but not the heat, i personally prefer rabbits being outside than in.
doesnt matter i actually know more people with rabbits outside than inside though

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