Friday, July 31, 2009

There is a Rabbit in my backyard, can i keep it???

i think it is an adult rabbit, and looks like its lost!!!
i have a hamster so i know how to feed and care of animals like hamsters!!!
is it possible i can keep it???
a wild rabbit will die if its captured.
I'd say yes, if you are over 18. If you are a kid, it's up to your parents.
Errrrr I' not your mommy or daddy...

If its wild then no, but if you can catch it with out alot of effort then its probly not wild. So uhhh sure I guess kido nock your self out. Don't forget to eat your vegetables and wash behind your ears.
it might have rabies.
id capture it then take it to your local vet to get it checked out bnefore you actually keep it but always make sure it doesent belong to someone
Well sure! Rabbits make great pets and can even be trained to use a litter box! Need lots of chew toys though, and keep them away from electrical cords, phone lines, etc. They tend to chew right through them
If it's a wild rabbit it'll tear your a** up! Leave it alone!
If you can catch it.
you can keep it
As a chattel, you can own a rabbit, but getting it to live is another matter.
i dont think so it belongs in nature
I suggest you not.
I REALLY suggest you not.
Its an adult rabbit, in the wild.
UNLESS it will let you get next to it w/o you having to chase it around.
If it lets you hold it or anything, it may have been someone elses.
%26 keeping wildlife is not a good idea and is even illegal is some areas.
I wouldn't keep it. If something goes wrong or the rabbit is carrying something harmful it could harm your hamster. If it looks like a wild rabbit, brown with its ears sticking up, I would leave it. If it appears to be a domestic rabbit, white, black or another color with ears up or down I would capture it and contact the local vet.
It depends. What does the rabbit look like? Is it a wild rabbit, or a domestic rabbit that was either dumped off or escaped? If it is wild, you shouldn't attempt to catch it and just leave it be unless it is injured or sick. If it appears to be a lost or abandoned pet, it would actually be in the rabbit's best interest for you to try and catch it and care for him or her. Domestic rabbits simply have a hard time surviving if left to fend for themselves as wild rabbits.

Good luck to you.
That rabbit is probably a pet rabbit. It depends where you live. If you live in a forest area, then i suggest you to leave it alone, because it might have diseases. It depends if your parents want to give you permission to keep it, after all, it is your responsibility. Or if you are over 18, then you can do what ever you want. I had a hamster and a rabbit. Rabbits can give people allergies, poop everywhere, and their pee smells really really gross. You should do some research and think about it.
it's up to u make sure u dont get bit my it it might have rabies lol
Sure. I would. As long as you can buy food and a hutch! Well I'd just say go for it!
No! Its wild so it will go CRAZY and will be quite stressed about being confined to a cage!! I mean how would you like it if someone saw you in their backyard and just swooped you away, stuck a needle in you to see if you weren't deadly or contaminated and then confined you to a cage? (not that it would happen! :P) All bunnies (that are wild) will probably look like it's lost!! I get them ALL the time in my backyard and they might look lost but I know that they can't be!! Im sorry for rambling but i'm just stating my idea!
uh, sure..take it to the vet first though. and expect to pay some medical bills since animals u find outside are usually not all that healthy..(found a cat outside once that had grubs..) rabbits also poop all over your house and smell. other than that theyre adorable... it also might be traumatizing for it to suddenly become caged after living in the could always try it out and if it doesnt work out, release it back outside! =)
uhhh NO. This is a WILD animal...not a pet. Dont even touch it, it could carry rabies or other diseases that it could give you

And rabbits are NOTHING like hamsters, its great you can care for hamsters, but rabbits are a whole different story. They eat more, drink more, poop more, have different needs that are nothing like hamsters

Continue watching the rabbit in the wild and keep takin care of your hamster, but dont take a rabbit out of the wild

Even if you did catch it %26 try to keep it. You would end up killing it since wild wabbits are used to eating grasses or what is growing out side your houes. If you tried to feed it Pet store rabbit food it would cause harm to the rabbit since it was not brought up an such food.
You really have to consider. Are you really ready for a rabbit?

If you plan to keep it in a hutch in the backyard, then you may as well let it run free. Trust me, if you keep it in a hutch you'll think it's boring, you'll neglect it, and you'll probably abandon it eventually.

If you plan to keep it as a house pet, that's good, rabbits can make really good pets (some are better than dogs!) But you should consider: are you willing to litterbox train it? Are you ready to rabbit proof your home? Are you ready for shedding season? Are you willing to take a maximum 12-year responsibility into your home?

The choice is yours. Or your parents'.
No. You should never keep a wild animal. It is not a pet and could be carrying diseases (if it looks lost there is an even better chance of that) or it could hurt you. I don't know where you are located, but if you live in the United States it is actually illegal to do so without the proper permits.
Not if it's a wild rabbit. If you can catch a wild rabbit it's sick or injured. If it's someone's escaped pet you need to try find the owners first. Even hand raised baby wild rabbits won't be tame. I've raised them and soon as they were ready they went wild.
If it looks like a tame rabbit that has been put out side or a runaway,then catch it and take it to the vet and see if it has been microchiped and see if it is a healthy rabbit. If is it healthy and everything then it might be ok to keep but if doesn't look friendly or isn't a healthy tame rabbit then you should let it be.

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