Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Siberian Husky crate size?

Scroll down, it says huskies need a 48" deep crate. The weight limit is 110 pounds. But do i really need one that big becuase female huskies are only suppose to be around 50 pounds. Do i need one that big?
Yes you need one that big. The dog needs to be able to fully stand, turn around, lie flat out and stretch in the crate to be comfortable otherwise your dog will be cramped and end up hating the crate.
The suggested weight limit is not only a measure for the weight of the dog, but also the stress put on the material it is made of example: if you ever need to move the crate (with the dog in it - if she is injured etc) in to a car, you want to know the crate is safe to move.

Please do not use the crate as a place to serve punishment for misbehaving, the crate should be a safe place for them to sleep, relax, have privacy/down time from other animals/kids/people leave the door open so they can come %26 go as they please. The dog needs to be comfortable in there so you can easily crate them in stressful or harmful (to the dog) situations - dinner party, kids ringing doorbell @ halloween, christmas guests etc.
A little too big is better than a little too small. Go for the bigger one to make sure your dog is comfy.
your dog needs to be able to stand up and turn around easily in the crate, if you are unsure what size your dog will grow to, start with a used smaller crate from a tag sale or reuse it shop or barrow one
I have a Siberian Husky and I can't even imagine him in a crate of any size, he doesn't even use his dog house.
Huskys need room to run and play, if you need to put yours in a crate maybe you should consider a different type of dog.

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