Thursday, July 30, 2009

Suggestions to treat ear mites in cats?

What do you recommend using to treat ear mites in cats? And can the same thing be used to treat my dogs' ears? I'd prefer a homeopathic remedy... if it is an affective remedy. Otherwise, I'll get something from my vet. I've found a couple homeopathic remedies online. But I'd like to hear about personal experience, "testimonials."

Here are the ones I am considering:
try the pet store. They should have something right there on the shelves.
Slighlty off direct topic but we went tp the vet because the guinea pigs had mites and they told us to go to the store and buy bird mite spray for them because it was so gentle. And it worked.
But they also told us to bathe them in white vinegar and that was a battle but between the bath and the spraying of all cage stuff and them it worked.
Revolution spot-on from your vets treats fleas, tapeworms and ear mites.

Are you sure it's ear mites though? If a vet diagnosed this they would've given you a treatment already.

Revolution u get it from your vet. It gets rid of and protects againts ear mites, fleas, tick, heartworm and sarcoptic mange. For cats and dogs. I use it for my dog. Its kind of pricy though depending on the size of your dog.

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