Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show rats??

Is there such a thing as "Show Rats".. as in show dogs?? Someone posted here: about how the rat isn't "show quality". I've never heard of such a thing.. are there really rat shows??
Yes, there are rat shows. They are shown based on coloration %26 ''breed'' (such as Siamese, Rex, Hairless, Tailless, etc.).

Not sure why this person is saying that the rat isn't show quality.

"The NFRS holds regular shows throughout the country, where you can see many different varieties of rat and talk to other rat keepers. At each show there are competitions not only for recognized varieties, but also for the best pet rat, which is judged on friendliness and condition. Any rat which is friendly and healthy can compete in the pet class, whilst only those which are good examples of recognized varieties should be shown in the variety classes."
There are rat shows, just like dog and cat shows. Unfortunately, because in the USA there is a virus, called SDA, that is very, very contagious, bringing your rat to a show is quite dangerous. Your rat can catch the virus at the show and bring it home to all your other rats. So there aren't many shows in the United States. Places like England and Australia don't have SDA and they have a lot more shows.

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