Thursday, July 30, 2009

Switching dog food?

is it ok to switch flavors of cat and dog foods within the same brand? my pets are very picky and i have been trying different brands and flavors. i am now reading that this is bad to do switching brands. but what about flavors? . my cat is a senior and i always fed her friskies different flavors of wet and dry. she quit eating it so i tried a different brand she seems to like alot. she doesn't seemed to be bothered by the switch. eats it all and no appearent tummy problems. now my dog i just got it also senior and was always fed pedigree by previous owners but she would never eat it for me. i tried different ones and the onlt one she will eat is cesar. no appearent problems with her tummy either. am i harming them? its been months. i would like to keep them on the food they are eating now but is it ok to switch between chicken beef lamb etc of the same brands? thanks
fact is, you can even switch brands too. i used to do it all the time to give my dog %26 cat a variety, also switched various flavors of cans %26 dry foods daily. did this for years %26 everything was fine.
No you will not harm them by giving them different foods. You will find cats are far more fussy and will refuse food they do not like, a dog however, will eat its own leg if hungry! However, if changing dog food from wet to dry or vice versa, the change should be gradual to avoid upset and help the dog adjustment.
No, you are not harming them. The problem with changing brands is that if done too suddenly, it will sometimes cause diarrhea, or other stomach upset.. However, As you changed some time ago, and no damage was done, your pets are just fine.
I rotate my dogs food every 4 months or so, and do it gradually. But I also rotate flavours within the same brand without doing the gradual change and my dogs have no problem with that.

This is what I have found on the net reguarding this:

Guidelines for Feeding Your Animal Companion

Change brands or flavors of dry food every three to four months to avoid deficiencies or excesses of ingredients which may be problematic for your animal.

When changing dry foods, mix 1/4 of the new food with 3/4 of the old food, and increase the new food a little each day. Some finicky animals may need a more gradual change over two or more weeks. Never let a cat skip more than one or two meals; return to the old food if necessary.

With any new food or supplement, watch for subtle changes in your dog鈥檚 skin and coat, appetite, energy level, mood, itchiness, discharges or odors, body weight, and the size and consistency of stool. If negative changes occur, try a different food. If the change persists, consult your veterinarian.

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