Thursday, July 30, 2009

SOS! My chinchilla is near death!?

It was super hot today so we tried to cool him down! Then next thing i know hes wet! So i dried him off and hes alive but hes not really moving his eyes are open and all but i dont know what to do! Please i really need help! I dont want him to die!
He could be dehydrated aswell as over heating. A vet could help him, but seeing as its night time thats not really an option. Try and convince your mom to take him to a vet early tomarrow.

In the mean time try filling up a water bottle and freezing it, then wrap it in a towl, put it next to your chinchilla to help cool it down. You can also use an ice pack.

Put its drinking water near by, try and get it to drink. Try putting a towel over the cage to make it dark,and let your chinchilla relax.

good luck, i hope he gets better!
take him to the vet!
omg I'm scared for you.
Take him to the vet immeadiately, don't waste your time!!!
take him to the vet and get one of those little portable fans and keep blowing it on his body.. try some ice cubs on his paws too.. but don't hold them there.. just hold them for about 5 seconds and take them off.. them put back on for another 5 seconds.. etc. good luck!!
let him take a dust bath, but i suggest taking him to a vet tomorrow because i dont know what else you could do
What did you do? Throw him in the pool?
Umm, usualy the vet is a good suggestion, but thats just me.
Here's the explanation in case you were wondering. Chinchilla can not sweat, therefore, if temperatures go above 25掳C (75掳F), the chinchilla could get overheated and may suffer from heat stroke. The only immediate solution is to cool it down, although I don't know the long-term solution for after it has overheated.
Tell you mother that if your pet dies because she did not want to pay a vet bill, she could face criminal chargest. Denying an animal medical care falls under the cruelty laws in in my state, is a felony.

Do not waste time asking strangers when your pet obviously needs medical care. Bring him to the vet immediately!

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