Thursday, July 30, 2009

Small, about 10 or more days/week old, rabbits need your help!!?

ok so i was mowing the lawn in the backyard and i accedently ran them over. only 1 or 2 were found dead. =[ i have 4 of them just sitting in a box in my room with a thin towel over about half of it. i don't know what to do because i was stupid and picked them up and put them i n a box and have no idea what to do! hurry please i need help!
should have left them where they were, as the mama rabbit would have taken them back.

you cant just try and feed them yourself as it will just be a lot of work and heartache,
I use to raise Rabbits , I have even tried feeding them they never would survive with out their Mama even though I tried everything.
I would put the bunnies back out hoping Mama would come back,
or call your vet and ask them what you can do..
Good luck.
Take them to the vet. They will handle it.
Rush them to the vet immidiately
You have a couple of options: take them to the vet, the Humane Society, emergency clinic, wildlife rehabilitation center in the area, call animal control, call ASPCA. Just get them to someone who knows how to care for them! :)
you can give them a puppy suppliment milk to get tehm started but you should call a vet in a lot of states it's illegal to have possession of wild animals and only those with wild life rehabers should have them most vets can get you in touch with the right people.
They also need to be made to go "potty" youuse warm paper towel or tisues and rub around there getiles to get them to go
Keep them warm for the night, then put them back in your yard so that the mother can find them. If she dosn't come back feed them with an eye dropper and call a vet for advise.
if they have fur, their eyes r open and they're ears r up, they'll be ok if u let them go. i recently had a similar situal and i called an expert. if they dont look like that, youll need a heated box to put them in and bottle feed themtill they get bigger.
ok i have had many rabbits.just keep them clean and warm. go to the pet store and get small feeding bottles. and formula. and feed them.alot. then call me and give them to me plzzzz. 576 4245
Ok, First things First, I would recomend taking them to the vet to have them checked for injuries. After that, If you consider caring for them yourself ( because the mother probably wont take them back now that youve touched them) Do NOT feed them lettuce, carrots, grass, or any other vegetables. This will kill them. Feed them goat milk for 2 weeks, then start giving them food pellets( buy these at petsmart).

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Make sure to check with a Vet as to the guidelines for your city/state about housing wild animals. but for the meantime, get them inside, under a warming light (or heat lamp found at your local pet store). Make sure the light is close enough to warm them and not burn them. They need between 75 and 80 degrees to stay comfortable. Also, you will need puppy or kitten supplement milk. You can find this at your local Wal-mart or pet store (it's usually cheaper at Wal-mart). Begin by feeding each of them out of a small animal bottle about 1 oz. or as much as they will readily eat. When you are finished, take a wet cotton ball and wipe their private area as this will encourage them potty. Do this each every four to five hours, and before long you will have baby bunnies running, err.. hopping around. As they get older, feed them a healthy diet consisting of lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Do not feed excess bananas as they are high in potassium. Also stay away from Iceburg lettuce since it has no nutritional value.
the mother does not care if the babies have your scent..
you either need to put them back... or contact a rehabber in your area... you can do a google search for wildlife rehabbers...
its illegal for you to care for them..
they are very hard to raise.. nothing like domestic bunnies..
and wild cottontails DO NOT EAT GOATS MILK!!!

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