Friday, July 31, 2009

There is a baby squirrel on my lawn..?

there is a baby squirrel on our lawn that appear to have fallen out of the nest. It looks a you then quivers then closes its eyes and lays back in to the grass. It is on its stomache. We have to do something because we have cats and they are predators...ideas...either then treating and caring for it??
Try getting in touch with the local ASPCA. If they can't help directly, they should be able to point you towards a local wildlife rescue group that will take the baby squirrel into their care.
Go get the squirrel, put it in a box with hoes in it so it can breathe, and take it to the animal shelter fast!
You can't really care for it yourself, you'll need to take it to an animal shelter and you'd better be quick because it won't be alive for long if you don't. Line a small box with something soft to transport it in.
call a wildlife place or the SPCA ! :) check for shelters and such
contact your rehabber
here is a link

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