Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should I get another hamster?

I have a Russian Campbell Dwarf hamster that is about 6 months old I spoiled her beyond belief but she seems to be lonley can I get another hamster to keep her company or will she fight with it? Help
Hamsters are like people. One pair may get along fine, while another pair may be bent on hamstercide.
um mabe get another hamster but have a like carry case where he can live while u let them get introduced. i always had dwarf hamsters they were so cute
I would get another one, and just watch the two of them for a few hours to make sure that they don't fight and hurt each other.
hampsters are the spawn of the devil. my cousin had two hampsters and one killed the other one. it bit its head off. but see what other ppl think. if that hampster dies get a rat, theyre awesome
yes you probably should, though hamsters live long happy lives without a companion especialy if you spoil her that much. i would suggest getting a female friend unless you want babies, i would but thats just me lol.
It could help. Since you have a female you are in luck. They usually don't fight. Unless you want more hamsters than you know what to do with, don't get a male. They multiply very quickly. I had a hamster that was adorable. He looked like a mop! He was smarter than I had any idea hamsters could be. He would come when you called him and he figured out how to unlatch his cage when he wanted to visit. Good luck!
I wouldn't she will fight with it and get hurt !! Hamsters don't get lonely !! That's a human trait !! Just enjoy your hamster and stop reading things into what your hamster thinks !! Hamsters are nocturnal and sleep during the day !! This is not depression it's sleepy !!
Dwarf hamsters are social and love being around one another. Though they fight from time to time, it is much more preferrable for them to have friends :)

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