Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should I get my new elephant spayed?

I just hate it when the vet breaks out that chainsaw.....
Please, as a responsible elephant owner, you know that you have to get it spayed. I know the temptation is to keep it as a breeder, but people really should think of the problems caused by the herds of unwanted elephants roaming the streets. It's all very well when they are small and cute, but a quick look at the questions posted tonight, will show you that life is not always rosy.

If you don't like the chainsaw approach, ask if he knows the samurai sword technique.

I want one of the eggs!!
I wouldn't. You can make more money with a breeder.
No you naughty boy, do it yourself
go for it it will settler her down silly you, and try to medicate her
Wait, is it a boy or a girl elephant? Only girls get spayed. Boys get neutered. So if it's a girl what's the chainsaw for.? Yikes, glad I'm not an elephant. ;)
Find a good vet.
if you must
you must
just be there to hold his tusk trough it all
I'm afraid I would have to sue - since I was under the impression that we had a deal concerning a certain "service"

RJ :)
ps - don't MAKE me come in there!


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