Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should I get another ferret for my 7 year old girl (ferret)?

i just lost my boy ferret (Nikki) and my girl, who has been with him since birth seems sad and bored. I want to do whatever is BEST FOR HER. She's 7 and has insulinoma (diagnosed in Nov '06, on Pred. once a day, doing good, but always tired) and has had adrenal surgery 3 years ago, I want to make sure getting another ferret wouldn't be to stressful for her. I asked my vet and talked to numerous people, all said as long as i get an older or calmer ferret (Not a kit) it should be fine. But i don't want a "should be". Is it best to get her another friend or just keep her alone, but spend extra time with her??? i personally want another ferret, but i need to know what is best for her. Any help would be appreciated, she means the world to me!! please only answer if you have ferrets or are otherwise knowledgeable on the subject! Thanks!
As ferret care, food, and knowledge improves -- ferrets are living longer. It is not uncommon to hear of a ferret living to the ripe old age of 11 or 12. In your case things may be a little different. Although your ferret is 'older' she may still have many years left in her. Losing a cage mate is rough for a ferret. I don't mean to scare you with this information BUT when a ferret loses a long time cage mate they tend to pass soon after as well. It is the same theory as a husband dying and then his wife passing soon after.

If I were you I would give it a month or so before making a solid decision. How did your current ferret play with Nikki? Did they play together like ferrets play or were they just more companions? If despite her illness she can still rough and tumble then I wouldn't see why buying another ferret (kit or not) would make a difference. I would still exercise caution. If you really wanted a baby fert I would think separate cages would be in order for a few months. They would also need to have strictly monitored play times.

I think this is possible if you are dedicated to the both of them and take precautions! :)

Good luck and I am so sorry to hear about Nikki.
I cannot imagine that getting your girl a ferret would harm her. Pets are great therapy, and ferrets are small and harmless, yet fun to play with. A kit wont take long to grow up, but you might find a nice subdued older one from a ferret rescue center. Our ferret was a total delight, and your daughter will appreciate it's company.
I would try it. I am wondering the life span on the ferret you have now where she lost her other half. Definetly try it. Maybe she will live longer with another friend.
It is always better for a ferret to have a companion, and it should definately be one around her age and not a kit. Ferrets tend to get depressed when they lose their friends, and even with you paying more attention it will still not be the same.
yes because it'll be nice for her to have some company.
Why don't you see if there is a ferret club or something like that. Take you ferret there and see how she does with the others. Maybe she will like a younger one and maybe not. Maybe someone there can hook up with you and you can let them play together and then you will see if she will be ok or not. Try taking her to the pet shop and do the same thing. If her playing with another one is fun for her then get another. If there is no reaction or if she can't handle it then I wouldn't go with it. We had a cat at one time and the ferret always played with the cat. Or attacked it. It was a hard call. But they stayed by each other. Good luck. I think a 7 year old ferret sounds kind of old. I wouldn't buy one that old. But it's your call. good luck. sorry about Nikki.

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