Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should I do this?

Ok, so I am 13 and I own 2 female rabbits. I love rabbits and I found some people who can't afford their rabbits anymore and are giving them away for free. I would like to take them in but, right now my parents are paying for all of the rabbit food because they also own 2 rabbits themselves, and so they said that I can take in as many rabbits as I want as long as I: take care of them all, pay for all the rabbit food (which can get expensive), have time to spend with them, and find a place for all of the offspring that they produce. So I think that I might be able to do all of that, but I still can't decide whether this would be a good decision or not for me, as a high-school student with school and homework to take care of, and a kid with housechores and all the stuff that my parents want me to do.

Please help me decide. To adopt a bunny or not to adopt a bunny. And if I do, how many should I adopt.
"...and all the offspring they produce." Do you have ANY idea how many that might be??

IF you can get all the bunnies fixed, then perhaps you can take in the new ones. But to allow them to breed when you already aren't sure if you can care for the ADULTS, that's just plain irresponsible -- and don't think you want to be irresponsible.

If you are having doubts, it's probably better that you help by finding another home for these rabbits, rather than adopting them yourself.

You're smart to really think about this rather than jump in without considering the consequences. You are a good pet owner.
I would adopt it. But fix all your rabbits so they dont breed, and females are healthier if they are. Then they cant cancer in their overies. You can go to your local store, and all the vegtables that went bad or that no one bought, they usually give it away.
I love rabbits myself (you can guess from my name online), but you have a very full life right now as you already have many things to do. I honestly do believe that 4 rabbits in the Family are plenty for the time being. . . .And there is truth to the old saying that- "There is no such thing as one rabbit.", (assuming that you have rabbits of both genders). Should you decide to get additional rabbits, and some are boy-bunnies and some are girl-bunnies- it will only be a matter of time before there are more bunnies!! And they can be lots of work.

Note: The people who want to give the rabbits away for free might want to check with their local newspaper. Some newspapers will allow the advertisement to be free of charge if the item (in this case; bunnies) is given away for free. It is defined as a "public service".
if you have any doubt about whether you can care for them then don't adopt them. buns are a big responsiblity. they need alot more then cats and dogs. buns also live eight years or more. where will you be in eight years? collage? even harder then high school. starting a family? these are things to consider. do you want to devote then next eight years or more to these two rabbits?
Well you have to ask yourself, will i have time for this rabbit? If the answer is yes than go for it. If the answer is no than just focus on the rabbits you have now, school work, chores, etc...

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