Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should I call animal control?

In the past week i've seen this small furry animal, i don't know what it is but it reminds me of a bear cub. It has the same fur coat as a grizzly bear-but the ears aren't as pointy. I've seen this animal 3 times and in 3 differen locations. Do anyone know what it could be? and should i just call animal control
If the animal is unidentifiable to you then it is not a common house pet. Urban wildlife, like raccoons and skunks, dog-like, and cat-like animals are pretty identifiable as well. If you cannot identify the animal yourself then it is more likely a misplaced wild animal that had wondered into the city. In this case, it is a very scared, very confused, and possibly dangerous, wild animal. If it is indeed a bear cub, it is a very young cub judging from your description, in which case it has become separated from it's mother way too young.

Call a rescue group first and animal control as a last resort. With animal control their first priority is human safety, and the welfare of the animal comes last. If they can't trap it, or they assume it might be rabid, they will surely kill it.

This animal, whatever it is, needs a Good Samaritan right now. Could that Good Samaritan be you? :)

"my life has gone to the rats"
do u live in the woods or in the city? does it look confused or scarred?
sure - they are probably bored anyway
I am not so sure what it could be, but you should call animal control just in case it does harm to you or someone else in the neighborhood.
Yes you should. Whatever the animal is someone needs to know.
ground hog? go ahead and call.
Sometimes animal control would rather kill the animal than deal with it. See if there is an aspca around your area and if not your best bet is to call animal control and specifically ask them how they are going to treat the problem. Bears are actually being killed off and this needs to be stopped!
I would call animal control since you do not know what it is.
i would call animal control because if it is some kind of cub and not with it;s mother than it might not sirvive...and if the animal is all over the place it might help it...
Be safe, call animal control.
I'm not really sure... But if you call animal control, you'll say "I saw it a couple of times and I don't know what it is." What do you think they're going to do about it if you don't know what it is? It didn't attack anyone, right? They will laugh at you if you call them.
Maybe if you could get a picture of it then call them, they could tell you what it is and if you are worried just call them with out the picture.
Sounds like a good idea, give them a call!
It's a full blooded chow, and he belongs to me. His name is Huskie, and he has a home. Thanks.
yes please call them asap, at least they can take the bear or whateva it may be to a safe place.
yes, but make it fun. say its 5-7 of them and they are planning world domination through a series of horrific events they are planing to start around your town and you think they are using your house as a secret HQ because in one day you lost your measuring cup keys and a 3ft statue of budah.
could be one of many things.
Let the professionals deal with it
I wish you'd added where you live.
The cub isn't the problem... the mama looking for it's cub is the problem.

Call Animal Control.
Tell them when and where for each of your sightings.
I would call a wildlife rescue place first. They probably would know what it is, and how to deal with it - if that were even necessary.

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