Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should i be feeling( please help, i am worried)?

guilty about this. well i was over at my mom's friend's house with her. and the boy's he had( my mom's friend) had sea monkey's. and i was looking at them and holding the container or whatever they were in and i spilled it by mistake. and he said. oh no, you killed my sea monkey's. should i worry about this or do you think they are just sea monkey's. p.s. this happened a few year's ago.
This doesn't really seem like something you should be keeping yourself up at night thinking about. Feeling bad at the time is perfectly normal but a few years ago... It just seems like you're over thinking it a lot.

Guilty at the moment, perfectly fine.
Guilty still, you're just making yourself feel bad.
if it happened a few years ago you all should be over it. You should have fealt bad when it happened
Sea monkeys are just little chunks of flash frozen fish food. If your really feeling guilty about it buy the kid a pet rock, you can't kill those.
I think you need something constructive to occupy your mind!

Get some sea monkeys, take them to the boys (or the boy's boys), tell them it's to replace the ones you dropped YEARS ago, and that you haven't been able to get past the incident.

Tell them cat people told you to (since that is where you are posting, instead of general pets or mental health).
Don't be worried. I know what it's like to do something like that. It sounds like you're a caring person, or else you would have forgotten about it. Despite what people say, sea monkeys are not really important... They kind of aren't smart and just multiply until you need bigger and bigger containers. Forget about it, it wasn't something so bad. If you had killed your neighbor's dog, then you should be concerned. But you didn't, so just try to forget about it.

Hope this helped!
Sunshine G. :o)
because its a crustacean its hard to feel empathy for it
for all intense purposes its a bug of the sea

for this boy it was a friend and so you should replace it
this happened on south park and the boys really got attached to the little thing

it all a matter of how you feel about your pet

no other person could come close to empathising this
obviously on some level you still do feel bad. i'm sorry for that. as for the sea monkeys, accidentally killing any animal would bother me.

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