Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should gerbils squeak when they groom eachother???

my gerbils squeak when they groom eachother. idk if they r fighting or just grooming and it hurts a little but its supposed 2. anyone else w/ the same gerbil problem???
They are probably just talking to each other. Gerbils are very social and hardly ever fight with other gerbils that they've grown up with. A squeak might sound painful to us, but to them it's just talking.

Enjoy your pets!
I dont think ur girbills are hurting e/o at all. i used to have girbills and hamsters when i waas younger and they used to do that all the time. They could be talking to e/o and maybe some other stuff too.... :-) also maybe if u think they are fighting u should separate them so they dont hurt e/o. but i think they are just talking and stuff, nothing to wory bout. also girbils are friendly creatures!!! they wouldnt bite e/o or anything!! they are probably just talking!! and u have had them since 8th grade anyway!! so they obviously are used to e/o!!!

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