Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should i take my rabbit to see what gender it is and spay or neuter it?

I just assumed its a girl when i bought it...Also will my rabbit be unhealthy since i have 2 cats? ( one is 14 and declawed and we put them away when the bunny is out ) we also have 2 birds a budgie and a cockatiel. Will she be Unhappy because there are so many other animals in the house?
Yes. Spaying a female is so important for her health - unspayed females run a very high risk of uterine cancer. It will also help her behavior. For males neuterin will help with spraying and humping. for both it improves litter box habits.
Here is some info:

Rabbits can get along with other animals - just watch her with the cat. Rabbits are prey animals and cats are predators so supervise. Some people have cats and rabbits that get along well. Same with birds. Check out this link:
Rabbits are pretty easy going.except with the cats, of course. I don't think you'll have any problems. And yes, spay or neuter.
Your bunny will be happy as long as you play with it.
Put a laundry detergent cap in with it, cleaned of course. They love to roll them around. Give them a salt roll and you can give them those plastic cat toys with bells in them.

If you want it fixed just take her to the vets, they will tell you if its boy or girl and fix it accordingly.

If you want to check. Flip it over and press on the sides of the genital area. If what comes out is a v shape its a girl, if its roundish its a boy. Also if its old enough it may already have a penis and testicles that are obviously seen.

I wouldn't fix it unless its male, only because if its a house bunny, boys tend to smell worse.
I don't think there will be any problems, more of a problem with the rabbit going after the cats than the other way around.

Yes it is better to have spayed etc your animals should pose to threat to disease with each other if they are up on there shots etc.

Your rabbit will not look at it being a problem, not unless there invading its space/bed etc
No, the bunny should be fine provided you give it a quiet area it can hide in once in a while.

Definitely get it fixed, regardless of what it is, it'll be MUCH happier. And you won't have bunny pee all over the place from it marking it's territory.
If you have only ONE rabbit, it probably does not matter if
you neuter it or not, so long as it has NO contact with another
rabbit. However, unless you want a litter of babies every
little while, you had better have it neutered if there are other
rabbits around.

If your bunny is a baby, likely it will grow up with the other pets
and be fine with them. They, however, may not take kindly
to bunny. The cats may eat it if they get the urge or get
very hungry one day. I do not know if the birds would
attack it or not. Rabbits are usually confined to an outdoor,
off the ground cage, not kept in the house. Good luck.
I would advise you to get your rabbit fixed. If males aren't allowed to breed, they can become aggressive and have a tendency to mark their territory by peeing and leaving dropings all over the place.
And females have a high rate of uterine cancer by age 5 if not allowed to breed. So your rabbits will be much happier and healthier fixed.
I also have cats and I let my rabbit out with them problem. But before I did this, I stayed in the room with them all untill they became use to each other, that way I could intervine if my cats became aggressive. I did this every day for about 3 weeks and before I knew it the cats ignored my rabbit. As a matter of fact my rabbit is the one who chases the cats!!!
Just give your rabbit alot of attention and she will know she is loved.

it is impossible to tell the gender of a rabbit until it is several months of age. when i got my bunny, 7 years ago...they told me he was a girl, i was naive. they were wrong.

this is important because 80% of female rabbit's WILL DIE from uterine cancer if not spayed by the time they're 2. males should also be neutered because this reduces the act of spraying.

as long as you properly introduce your animals to the bunny, and properly socialise them with the bunny your bunny will be fine. if done properly buns are comaptible with any animal.
you can find sites that explain the proper way to go about this.

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