Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should i take my 8 week year old baby brabbit to the Vet?

because i think that she might need to get shaved around her bum area because she is pooping and it is sticking onn her bum. PLEASE HELP!
Her feces is too soft. You may be feeding her something incorrectly. Call your vet, they may be able to fix it by recommending some diet changes. If the feces is matted badly, try cleaning her off with a warm washcloth. You can use special bunny shampoo or kitten shampoo (not flea).
yah, a little vet visit won't her her any. Some animals need to get their bum area shaved often, so it might be best.
no she does not need to go to the vet.
just clean her up (with a warm rag to loosen the poo)
and groom her often with a slicker brush
You need to change the diet. Try pellets and timothy hay. If this keeps recurring, you need to take the bunny to the vet. If the bunny isn't showing signs of sickness, then just try to change to diet.

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