Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should i get a pet hedgehog?

I already know i am going to name it 'Sonic' haha but yeah do they bite and do there little pokey things hurt? i want one cause there cute.
They don't bite usually. And their spines do kind of hurt, but if you handle it correctly you wont get pricked that much. Hedgehogs do have some health issues, to avoid a sick hedgie get one from a breeder. Also you will need to socialize it so that it will be friendly, hedgies are naturally not that friendly. If you dont get it used to you it will never come out of its ball. Once it gets used to people you will be able to handle it and it will rarely poke you.

Make sure you pick it up with a towel at first, then handle it with your bare hands. If you use gloves it won't get used to your scent. Once it recoginzes your scent and realizes you arent going to hurt it it will start coming out more. Hedgies make good pets for the right person, but they are prone to broken legs, and you will more than likely have to take it to the vet at some point in its life due to sickness or injury. Be prepared for some vets bills.

They are also noctournal, for me this is good because I am up most nights very late. They are very playful and active at night. During the day they walk around their cage a little, eat a little and sleep a lot. Many people want a pet that is active during the day though.

They are much more work to keep healthy and friendly than other small animals such as rats, hamsters and guinea pigs. I would consider one of these animals over a hedgie honestly.
No. He will stab your eyes out.
An nieghbor of mine used too take in Abused hedgehogs...
They were really sweet!
And no they didn't poke us atall!
they only do that if the get frightened...

I say,
Go to the Library get some books on HedgeHogs...
And then once you know how to take care of them...
Then consider getting one...
They do not have barbs like the porcupine. When alarmed, a hedgehog will roll into a ball, with his head and limbs tucked in, and his spines pointing outward, resembling a spiny ball. A hedgehog can remain in this position for hours. One should never try to force a hedgehog out of this rolled position. Hedgehogs rarely bite, but if frightened, especially males, may hiss.

Hedgehogs are insectivores, which burrow underground in the wild. They need warm temperatures, a high protein diet, and like to swim and climb. They are nocturnal and require special diets.
I had one (Oscar-Sonic) for nearly 4 years. I NEVER got bitten. They do hurt when they roll in a ball but honestly, you get used to it! They should become used to human handling soon though so will stop trying to spike you.

My african Pygmy hedgehog was one of the best pets I've had so far! Have owned dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and fish.

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