Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should i get a hedgehog or a chinchilla, I want a pet that can relax on my lap and one that won't bite?

If there are any other ideas for a small pet please let me know.
Chinchillas are pretty hyper and jumpy. Not very good cuddling pets unless they are in an unusually calm state. Hedgehogs are much better snugglers once they get to know you (they don't roll up into a ball unless they hear a loud noise or someone comes in). In my limited experience, hedgehogs don't bite but they do shed quills.
I would geta Cavalier King Charles Puppy. I have recently gotten a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. I wanted a friendly, affectionate loving dog, and thats exactly what I got. My female is 9 weeks old now, and 100% devoted to making me happy. She thrives on attention and absolutely loves being petted. She is happiest when curled up in a ball on my lap. You will find that they are dedicated completely to pleasing you.
Neither of those.
Chinchillas aren't cuddly. At all. They're rambunctious and fun to watch, but they prefer to be affectionate on their own terms. Like, when your holding food.

Hedgehogs aren't much better.

For a cuddly small pet get a rat. Really. They make great pets and like hanging out with people.

Guinea Pigs sometimes like to cuddle once they get to know you.

Rabbits can go either way, some cuddle, some don't.
Get a degu (day-goo) It's a chinchilla / gerbil cross. Very friendly and can relax, or perch, on shoulders. Both of mine would sleep in my hoodie for hours. They are quiet, but require a bit more care than other small animals. Strict diet, exercise, and dust baths. Great pets though. Depends on who you get them from, but with some work, 99% of them come around to be ultra friendly. They also need a big rat cage, the bigger, the better. Life exp is 8-10 or so.
All small animals have the chance to bite and they are all as a grouping hyper animals. Some individual animals are more hyper then others within their breed as well the opposite being less active. I've been learning about chinchillas recently and only get to be around one if I go to the pet store and hold there's. It is high strung with an abundance of energy and can be quick to take a nip when it wants. You will need to keep the temperature regulated to below 75 degrees and they can't be in the sun. They have thick fur that will cause them to overheat and possibly die. They need a good sized cage with multiple levels to climb. One for ferrets can be used also. Chilly weather is not too much of a worry since they are from the mountains of South America where it gets snowy. They should however not be considered for outdoor kept due to the predators like cats, dogs or wildlife. I have no information on a hedgehog however. Now personally for a more laid back less apt to bite small animal, I'd go with a male Syrian hamster preferably a long hair or golden, but most all the males are gentle whereas the females are more hyper and do have the most instances of nipping or biting. I just didn't read this somewhere, I raise Syrian hamsters and have rescued quite a few also. I currently have 18 Syrians and 11 dwarfs in my care. The last, a Russian dwarf, gotten 5/2/07 is a heavy bitter and that's why we took him in. I got a call for a bad biter and cage in hand picked him up. My oldest boy (21) got bit as soon as he reached for him, he handed him over to me and he merely nipped once but that was it. So I'd rule out a dwarf too, a lot are nippers or biters plus their territorial of they're cages to the human hand.

Have you considered a rat? They make great pets, rarely bite and get a decent size. They will need a large cage too like the ferrets cage after they grow to about 5-6 months. Before that you'll need a cage with 1/2" gapping in the wire. They're very social animals too. I have 13 currently with 4 up for adoption in WV.
I would get a bearded dragon. A bearded dragon is a cool looking lizard that puffs up every time they feel threatened. They are very lazy and literally just sit on your lap until you move them. They are also very friendly and usually only get threatened by their reflection in the mirror-lol! Plus they are inexpensive and very easy to care for. Good luck hun!
You can find info about chinchillas at

You can start tracking down information about hedgehogs at

Guinea pigs are very cuddly. See:


Some breeds of rabbits are cuddlier than others. See to start.

Hope this helps.

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