Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should I get a habitrail for my hamster or a regular BIG cage? Or should I try to attach them togethher?

Which do hamsters like more?
hamsters like exercise and space---you can spoil them just about as much as you want as long as you don't attach five cages together! LOL my hammie has one large aquarium and one small aquarium, both filled with treats and toys attached together through ALOT of tubes, my fiaoncee on the other hand has a bi level habit trail with no tubes for hammie gets more space to run which is good because he's very active and his hammie gets less space but alot of chew toys and treats which is good because his hammie likes to be fat...really just think about the breed you have or want and go from there...note that the smaller breeds can fit through wire bars easily and I don't really like the cages with wire bars anyway: bedding is always falling out on your floor, and they break easily which is why my hammie will always have aquarium set-ups but alot of people think the wire cages look really depends on what you like as long as your hammie and you are both happy get whatever kind of big or cool cage your heart desires! Have for pet supplies is supposed to be fun
I used to have 2 habitrails attached together. By regular big cage do you mean like a fish tank? I personally wouldn't get one, I'd feel like they'd be bored. :)
Depends on what kind of Hammie you have.

I had my black bear in a crittertrail habitat, and I noticed his pootie was getting to big to fit through the tubing.

Fearing he'd get stuck one day- I bought him a new 3 story cage with a house for sleeping in...

he LOVES it. There's room to move around, room to play, he took to his house right away and built a nest in it...

Here's a vid

(I recently covered the grated walkways with a safe hard plastic cover to avoid his legs slipping through- although he never seemed to have a problem... i'm just an obsessively worrying hammie mom. ^_^ )

So it depends on the breed. A small hamster like a Chinese Dwarf Hammie may do well in a critter trail.
as far as i know hamsters are nocturnal animals/creatures/thing right? Then why all the fuss about. I used to be like you deciding if i should get more habitrail the safari, the china etc types and then one day, i find my hamster, dead on its ferris wheeel which was attached to the cage. The vet who did the autopsy told me that it died due to streneous exercise. The poor thing died becasue it loved the ferries wheel to death literally! i say get a cage so that it doesnt stay in one place. But becarefull if ut hamster is overweight because some can get stuck in the crevices of the attachments that you buy ( if its the habitrail thing)
I have a crittertrail cage sold at petsmart or petco, they have severasl types to choose from, they love it I have three hammies.

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