Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should I get a dog or a cat?

This summer, my family are going to adopt 2 animals from the shelter. we live in a single home with a samll grass area in the pool.. The animals would have acsess to all the indoor rooms and if they were a dog, the backyard. My brother, aged 9 is getting a dog. my sister, aged 14, doesnt want a pet because she dislikes picking up poop. Im 13, and dont know wheter to get a dog or a cat. Im leaning towards a cat, but is it true that some cats grow apart from people when they are no longer kittens?? How do i pick out a cat that wont end up avoiding me? or should i just get a dog?

If it is young when you get it, and you treat it with love and respect, it will stay close to you. Just like dogs, you need to reinforce good behavior and discipline for bad behavior immediately, because if you wait, they do not know what it is for.

Cats are very independent and like to have their own space, so make sure it has a corner in your room or somewhere in the house where it can retreat if things get too chaotic (as a house with 3 kids and a dog can get).

Your yard doesn't sound large enough for a dog (especially if it is a decent size) to really get adequate exercise. Cats are quite playful, and you can exercise them with homemade toys and/or ones for purchase at the pet store.

Cats generally groom themselves, although brushing does help reduce the risk of hairballs (which is less of an issue with shorthairs) and they love it if you go in the direction of the hair at a moderate speed. Dogs need grooming and bathing, and generally more attention than cats do.
Well that all depends on your personalty. If you like being with an animal a dog is the best thing for you. Cats tend to slep alot and alot are not people animals. But cats require as much work. For dogs you have to walk them take them out early in the morning so they can use the bathroom. Cats use the litter box. It all depends on what is best for you.
Good luck on choosing!
Hope this helps!
All the cats I've had had always lived with me regardless of their age. As long as you treat them well, give them food and love, they will stay with you. If you misstreat them or dont give them food, they will find food somewhere else, and the same happens if you dont give them love
I would personally get a dog just because i like dogs. plus, Dogs don't always get along with cats.
well i think u should get cat cause your brother already has a dog so yea 2 different pets.
if you like exersise, get a dog. if you like to rest alot, get a cat
Well dogs give a lot more attention, but they also demand a lot of attention. Cats are a lot less trouble, but they can be very distant. It is all about how much effort you want to put into taking care of it. Good luck.
If you want a pet, get a dog. If you want dinner, get a cat.
I have both a dog and a cat but I use to have only cats. Now I prefer Dogs, they don't destroy your furniture like cats do and are way more fun.
I say go for a dog. In my opinion, dogs are a whole lot smarter and loyal. Plus, your brother's dog might want another canine companion.
if you have the time to spend with a dog, go for it. If you are doing sports, traveling, and always busy, don't get a dog. That is just a stupid myth that cats won't like you once they become adults. If you respect their boundaries and space and let them come to you, you will have a great relationship. Bless you for adopting from the shelter. Those animals always make the best pets. My dog came from the shelter and she's the sweetest creature.
personally id get a dog, then it can play with ur brothers dog, and it wnt fight like most cats and dogs do. plus dogs u can take on walks and stuff and i think they r more social.
Poop has to be disposed of in either case. It's a little easier with cats, which do their duty in a litter box. You don't have to walk them around in the rain waiting for nature to strike.

It's a myth that cats are generally aloof. Most cats I know are quite friendly toward people and especially towards their "owners".

A cat and a dog can coexist and be friends. It's much easier if you bring home both animals at the same time. That way, neither is able to establish dominance due to prior occupancy.
You must earn the love of a cat i had one that welcome whenever i got home, he would be waiting for me outside and want some love just like a dog. Both have their qualities. If you get a cat and love it it will love you, but cats have a personality that does take getting used to, most wont come if you call. If you can accept this i choose cat.
Cat! there easier to take care of and you never grow apart from them there loving and really cute
If you want something that pays attention to you, you should get a dog. But keep in mind, that they will want attention all the time always, even when *you* don't want to pay attention to it. Now, cats are little zen masters. You can learn a lot from cats. Also, you're 13, and in the next few years, you're going to be spending less time at home. I think it would be safer for you to get a kitten, that way when the time comes, you won't feel guilty about not being able to pay as much attention to your pet. You can always get a dog when you're older and settled down into your own place. I'm 31, and I have a dog that I love very, very much, but when I was younger, I had cats. I'm glad I did it that way.
i think you should get a cat. because no they don't not like you when they get older my 2 cats hate outside and they only like people not other animals so......but just get what you want don't listen to what other people say unless its the best advise you've ever heard!!
It depends. If you get either pet, (providing that their not traumatized) and "you" take care of them; feed them, pet them groom them ..., the pet will love you. Though I personally am a dog fan. -best of luck with your cat our dog.
Well, that depends on what you want.

A cat is more dependant. If ur nice to the cat, he or she won't avoid you but will will want to lay around and not play as much.

Dog's on the other hand, like to play. You can teach them to do almost anything. But dog's take a lot of attention and patience.

It is really up to you, but I would suggest a dog because they are a lot more fun than a cat is.
dogs are loyal so get a dog there be your best friends and cats are to sneaky and scratch things to much and pee in your house. so 100% get the dog

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