Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should bad Dog Rescues be put out of business?

I tried to adopt a dog from a rescue group. First i saw the dog on Then i went to view the dog in person. When i went to pet the dog he flung himself to ground scared ****-less. (RED FLAG) I asked them if the dog had been abused, (because i have young children in the house)

They told me the dog came from a good home that couldn't have a dog because they were allergic and the dog didn't get along with their cat (RED FLAG)

Then another helper there said the dog was found in the shelter a month ago.

Than another called and told me the dog was found on the street by the rescue group.

Not knowing which one of them i should believe i opted not to adopt the dog. Anyone have similar problems with Animal Rescue agencies?
Today's day and age adopting a pet from a rescue is becoming as much of a problem as the pet mills and breeders that are doing it for the money. These people are also now getting the money that was once spent to buy a pet from a breeder that is interested in the betterment of the breed. I have looked into it and more and more rescue groups have the no kill policy and even if the animal has attached another animal or even a human they will not euthanize the creature they have even been known to put these pets back into society. I have even read that there was this dog that came off the street and was so ill that it was a surprise that the thing was still alive and would require medication and constant vet visits and be in constant pain and they have been known to put these pets back into society. It kind of makes you want to put up like you say that "red flag" and not go through a rescue because those poor animals do need a forever loving home that they can go to, but I think that it is unfortunate that they are becoming the groups that they say are wrong. I think that the animals should be screened and if they have killed than unfortunately that is it, because who is to say it does it again and this time it could be a baby or a child if it hadn't all ready. As well as being to sick and in pain if it is known that this creature will be in pain for the rest of its' life do the suffering creature a favor, or at least let the dog live the rest of its' days in comfort at the rescue and don't put it back in society. I guess at this rate if you are wanting to get a pet and get it from a rescue agency do what you did see the agency and the dog in person and ask questions and if it doesn't feel right than that wasn't the pet for you or your family.
I'm actively involved in animal rescue, and I would definitely advise you to inform "higher ups" within the group.

When you're dealing with an "all volunteer" population, many times professionalism can be lost. It's very hard to weed those people out without the feedback of people like yourself.

Good luck finding a new pet!

Rescues make the best ones!
Hello, adoption centers are usually different from Rescue..rescue centers usually only deal with specific dachsund, lab ..rescues...etc and usually very caring %26 knowledgable about the breeds they care for..where as adoption centers or pounds deal with any kind of did good by going %26 checking things not sure what petfinder is or what kind of operation they are, but if you think a place is bad or mistreating animals...they should be reported to the proper authoritys no matter what or who they are... bout all you can do %26 the best way is to always check out the animals before taking them, as you did ...Take Care :)
For the most part, there are no bad dogs, just bad people who mistreat dogs. My Sister works with her local shelter and SAVES dogs whose days are numbered. She has had abused dogs of every degree. You would never believe what those poor animals have been through. For the lucky ones, they end up with my Sister who patiently nurses them back. RIght now she has 4 in her family. All 4 get along and live happily in the Sierras.
Back to your question: there is a right pet for everyone. Take your time picking the next one. Let it come to you at the shelter. Good luck!
The rescue I volunteer under had a bad experience with an adopted dog my daughters friend took. It was a stray the was hit by a car with massive injuries since healed. Due to the mixed breeds in it the could see the told her what it possibly had mixed in it and how to care for it with the special diet it needed. The dog became very attached to the girl (17) and attacked her older sister as they rough housed one night, then it turned on her small do, the later the sister boyfriend. She loved the dog, but I told her take it back to where she got it from and let them know of the behavior. I wrote the girl I deal with in the rescue and let her know personally what happened, I got a letter back saying the dog was being put down since it was now deemed unadoptableby their standards. In the rescues care this had never occured to any other animals or person. I felt bad since I had referred the girl to the dog personally.

You choose to do the right thing with that dog, when a rescue can't get their story straight on an animal something is always wrong. They are not to be trusted. Write or call and ask for the rescues director and let them know of your experience unless the director was the one you dealt with already.

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