Sunday, August 2, 2009

Turning a shelving unit into a rabbit cage?

I understand you can't have solid walls due to ventilation but if it had a wire front and holes drilled in the wood for more air?

And of course ramps between levels?

Just looking for good ideas for a "cage" for three cottontails that spend *most* of their time in their cage. They get out for about two hours a day but with a toddler and a dog there is only so much out and about they can do safely.
All of the above answers have good comments and ideas, but something else to look out for is if the shelves have a wood treatment or paint because rabbits have a natural incling to chew on things, especially wood, and some paints and stains can be toxic to animals.
great idea as long as they have some air! A ferret cage would be cool 2.
If you are going to use the shelving unit make sure you waterproof don't want any lingering oders from waste hanging around.
maybe but be sure that they can get sunlight as well. I sometimes put my rabbit in the yard cage and all so size and mobility are important to me. When she is playing indoors I usually use a baby gate to barricade off a area for her to play.

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