Friday, May 8, 2009

Raccoon Problem.Help?

We have a large raccoon that comes around every evening and we are using humane traps to move him to an area that is more wooded. Many children live in our neighborhood and are playing outside as it gets dark since summer is coming. The thing is, the raccoon has figured out how to get the food out of the trap without getting trapped. LOL. Any advice?
the coon is pulling the food thru the trap w/ his hands.. I dont think he is going into the trap...
put the trap in a large trash bag...
hopefully he wont rip the bag to get the food.. LOL
they are smart... but usually they enter the trap just to see whats its like inside there.. :)

also this is baby season... if u trap this coon. you can easily hold the trap up over your head ( or u may need help) and check to see whether or not she is nursing... u dont want to take her away if she has young ones.
Either going to have to get another trap- or call animal control and they will come and remove him. Raccoons are not something to mess around with.
Get a new trap
tie down the food tighter or shoot it with a tranqulizer gun
There not that smart, I trap them all the time, maybe your trap
needs a little lubrication, or tweaking.
Call Animal Control. It's their job to move animals.
Call animal controll. after all that's what they exist for. you shouldn't be messing around with the raccoon yourself it could potentially be very dangerous.

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