Friday, May 8, 2009

Rabies vaccine will kill rabbits?..?

uhmn.. someone told me that giving rabies vaccine to our rabbits may kill them.
im worried because last year we have our two rabbits vaccinated they seem ok for now.
question is, is it ok if we continue the rabbits anti rabies vaccination or should we not?
is rabbit rabies vaccination really dangerous for rabbits?..
They do not harm rabbits. Although vaccinations are not required for rabbits, if you take your pet outside with you it may be a good idea.
Rabbits don't even have to be quarantined when they travel for shows. Rabies isn't considered a problem in the species. Where in the world do you live that they would ever give a rabies vaccine to a rabbit? They are herbivores that are only prey animals, so where would they contact the disease unless you allow them to run in a colony on the ground? Check with other vets in your area because they do not vaccinate rabbits for rabies here. I can't imagine where they would.
that would be so cool if a rabbit had rabies and it bit you and you get special powers like spiderman but only your rabbitman and that would be soooo cooool. im hungry. i want a cupcake.
Rabbits dont need rabies vaccines.I have never heard of a vet giving a rabbit a rabies vaccine because the incidence of Rabies in rabbits and hares is extremely low, possibly because they rarely survive the bite od a babid animal. No cases of human Rabies have ever been associated with a bite inflicted by a rabbit. If your vet did give the rabbit a rabies vacine then they should have told you all of that info before and after. All I can say is call your vet.
Rabbits do not require any sort of vaccinations. Shame on your vet for giving a rabies shot to a rabbit when it isn't necessary. He's just taking advantage of you and taking your money.

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