Friday, May 8, 2009

Rabbit's ear crusty and hard?

My nieghhbor's rabbits inner ear is completely covered in a tanish brownish crust and it is hard to the touch. She has also lost some weight. Any idea what might be wrong?
Yes this is ear mites!
A bad case of them. I'd suggest taking the rabbit to visit the Veterinarian. Reason being if you don't have the experience to deal with this the vet will be much more help to the bunny.

Ear mites are painful thats most likely why bunny is losing weight. After the initial visit to the vet you should be able to treat the bunny yourself with the ear mite medicine the vet gets for you. Follow the vets instructions.

Once the problem is cleared up the mineral oil or earmite medicine should be used on a regular basis to keep the problem from coming back. Treat both ears. Even if one doesn't seem to be affected.

Please do take care of this soon. Rabbits ears are their cooling system. If bunny lives or goes outside it will not be able to cool itself with its ears crusted up like that and summer time is nearing.
first you should be asking, "Is it still alive?".
It's Ear Mites
You can use Mineral Oil

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