Friday, May 8, 2009

Rabbits water?

i just got a rabbit like 3 hrs ago and the pet store told me to make sure its not tap water i give it?...well my birds isnt supose to have tap water but i give it to the bird n its fine will it be fine to give the rabbit tap water 2 or wat should i do my wal-mart and everywhere else is out of dastiled water till monday?...and i dont want the rabbit to die anyone got advise on the water or anything else i should know about rabbits?
If the tap water is safe for your to drink, it should be fine for your rabbit.
It's good you are asking about rabbit care, becasue there is a lot to know as you'll see in the links I'm sending. Rabbits are wonderful pets: affectionate (on their terms), funny and smart. They want and need daily care and attention and 2-3 hours of exercise outside of the pen/cage.
They can be litter box trained, but don't use cedar or pine shavings in the litter box - just line with newspaper and top with hay. Be sure you only feed them plain pellets, not the junk with nuts, seeds, corn, and treats often sold in pet stores.
There is so much to tell you, that it might be easier to check these links first, then the ones below for ongoing information:
If you feel comfortable drinking the tap water, it's fine for your animals.

People sometimes become a little nuts about their animals.
tap water is fine. some wild rabbits drink sewage water and they still live.
Most of the time rabbits don't need filtered or distilled water to drink. I have two rabbits (one is a dwarf and the other is big) and I feed them tap water everyday, and it hasn't hurt them. They are about 4 years old and 2 years old, so they have lived that long without filtered water, so I think that a week wont hurt em any.
Some city tap water, perhaps that in your region, is treated with nasty chemicals that can kill animals. If its well water, plenty of icky-ness can hurt delicate pets.
1. Rabbits don't need distilled water ~ if anything filtered/bottled water will only assist in their skin care.
2. Rabbits should not have wired bottom cages ~ it is absolutely horrible for their feet.
3. Rabbits need a lot of interaction for them to be tame and friendly.
4. They can be trained to use a litter box.
5. Do some research!
I used to raise rabbits for 8 years and I never gave them special water. The only thing I might be wary of is if your water has a lot of chlorine in it. Even then I wouldn't worry too much about it because I don't think a few days on tap water will hurt it. Then after a few days if you still feel concerned switch to the distilled water when it comes back into stock.
Careful if your water is chemically treated or has a lot of chlorine in it. that could cause health problems.

However, I gave my baby well water from tap for the first 4 years of her life, and switched to spring water at the advice of my vet for the last 4 years of her life.

Tap vs. bottled made no difference.

if you feel more comfortable giving bottled water, do what you feel more comfortable doing.

However, if your water is safe for your consumption and has low levels of chlorine and low levels of lead toxins... you should be fine with tap water.

(The lead toxins in water are trace amounts- but that is why you shouldn't give it to birds. Its highly toxic for them in any amount.)

this talks about tap water.

It also states, to not give chloramine-treated water to your animals or use it in your fish tanks (it kills fish)!

so again, do what makes you more comfortable- and when you're ready to open a file with a small animal vet, ask them for their input.
Don't give it distilled. give it tap. Most ppl who work at pet stores don't know anything. Please go to this website.
I have a mini lop buck and have given him tap water since I first brought him home, he seems fine! Tap water shouldn't be a problem :o)
mine get city tap, water it will be fine with it.
I have given my rabbit tap water all her life and it has been okay.
I have 2 rabbits and they get tap everyday! Ain't nothing wrong with it!

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